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We would like to share a few success stories with you that our patients have shared with us.


Feb. 14, 2005

      On December 31, 1992 I suffered a severe muscle spasm which made me paralized for four days.

       My children had to help me out of bed, help me out of bed, help me to bathroom, put me in the bath tub, cook for me, cry with me because of my pain, and comfort me.

        I saw a "back" specialist who treated me for nearly two years.  He diagnosed me as having Fiscet Joint Syndrome along with Deteriorating Joint Disease, Spondylothsis, and arthritis.  The major location of my problem is in the lower back at L4 and L5.  I would have to adopt to chronic pain on my left-side with the majority of my pain in my left hip region.  I was told not to consult a chiropractor becuase they would hurt me worse and that if my bones should twist wrong  I would become paralized.

        I went to Drs. Brad and Stacy Hawkins not really believing they would be able to help me.  But to satisfy my friends and my own curiosity, I went.  They took x-rays of my back and performed an electronic diagnosis of my back from the sacrum to my neck.  Dr. Brad analyzed the reports before ever touching my back.  He was truthful about his findings and told me he could help me! So I let him began therapy on my condition.

         I have suffered with pain for over twelve years (everyday).  After my third visit, Dr. Stacy Hawkins achieved a break through for me.  My lower back "popped".  We were shocked.  About an hour after I left their office I found myself skipping  out of Wal Mart.  Then it hit me, NO PAIN!  I was feeling NO PAIN. I cried.

          Who am I ?  Why I'm a 54 year old woman who has worked all her life at jobs that cause her to work eight to ten hours per day five to seven days a week on her feet.  I am writing this hoping others may read this and give the Hawkins Team a try.  If they can help you, they will.  If they can't help you they will be upfront and maybe even tell you who can help.  Don't be afraid, get relief fast from my friends Dr. Brad and Stacy Hawkins.

Thank you for your time,


Betty J. Davis

Rockport Texas


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